Koolhaas Kwekerijen

Koolhaas Kwekerijen

The history of Koolhaas Kwekerijen

Koolhaas Kwekerijen was founded in 1964. Until 1985 the company mainly grew cucumbers, lettuce and (garden variety) carnations. Later the Ficus, Poinsettia and Hibiscus were introduced to Koolhaas’ range of products. Since 2002 Koolhaas Kwekerijen is part of Vireõ (group of companies). Koolhaas Kwekerijen is located in Mijdrecht, its nursery measures 20.000 m2.

Core product: Hibiscus
Our Hibiscus varieties are our main product. These are grown in different colours and pot sizes, from 10,5 cm to 30 cm and are available in several shapes: bushes as well as trees. Nowadays we also grow Dieffenbachia.
Sunny Cities

Koolhaas Kwekerijen is a member of the Hibiscus Working Group. This working group was established in 1992 by eight hibiscus growers. Their joined expertise and effort formulated a couple of criteria, which, in their opinion, a good quality hibiscus should meet. This led to the birth of several new varieties of hibiscus in the years that followed: the ‘Sunny Cities’ label.


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